The artist Moodie started to sing when he entered into the world with a scream like almost all babies when he entered the world in Port Antonio in Portland, Jamaica where he remained until 4 months old and went to St Mary where he was grown until 1967 when he joined his family.

During his formal education at Downhill’s in an amateur capacity it could be argued that this was where it began at school with him having to direct write and sing in class school play at the age of 12 during this period he achieved excellence winning fashion shows, directing fellow students in school play as well as performing as a singer on stage.

By the age of 14 he began to DJ (mc/rap) for local sound system Fatman Hi FI. By the age of 15 in 1971 Moodie was performing his style of DJ with band in pubs/bars and been the resident/permanent DJ for Fatman hi-fi.

During the last years at school until 16 Moodie took great interest in Drama and that was the only subject that he achieved A+.

At the age of 16 when his professional recording career began with Fatman as producer Moodie was also taking guitar lessons at his old school with school friend Chris Hanson.
The first track to be released of Moodie was a track released in 1873 entitled Magnet Skank on the album Reggae Desire, on the Magnet record label Cat No MGT 001

At the age of 19 Moodie began his career as a Producer producing his own records recording his school friend Donald Duffus, himself and Errol Dunkley.

In 1976 after doing various shows with Black Slate Moodie produced various albums album with the band and also separately with Elroy bailey on drums and bass and also vocal back up. By 1977 Moodie was appearing alongside the reggae artists of the day at the very first celebration of the 23 of July in the UK.

The Jamaica Gleaner recorded in 1977 after the first 23 of July celebration that when Moodie appeared on the stage playing what music that could be linked to Luba music, a music played in the Congo in praise of the Almighty.

What Moodie had done was to mix Nyahbingi with reggae of the day .A thing he continues to do mixing sound 1977 was also the year Moodie did more producing of artist like Errol Dunkley, Winston Fergus, Eli Emanuel, Barry Isaac, Kenrick Rowe (Jazz Jamaica).

In 1978 Moodie became the first artist to be grown abroad from Jamaica and to return and produce an album in Jamaica. Whilst in Jamaica Moodie worked with Gregory Isaacs, Soul Syndicate, Channel One, Michael Campbell, Errol T, Joe Gibbs and others in the Music Industry.

Which prompted Miles Copeland to offer Moodie a possible tour with Police who were also on a weekly salary from Faulty Records Police were inspired according to William Krasolvsky (author of the Business of Music and Duke Ellington’s legal representative) by Moodie, he thought it however undesirable and too costly to seek

To make a legal issue of Stings version of Moodie’s “Reggae on the moon”, as “Walking on the moon. Also the first artist to produce and release an album at the age of 22.When he released his first album Many Moods of Moodie. In early 1979.During which time and prior to he had released various 12. On his and Barry Isaacs label Port Music.

During 1982 Moodie recorded his first singing album OAU/Trench Town Rock After which he travelled to most major European cities promoting his album in 1983.

During 1984 Moodie started to plan for the festival of Amen Ras Tafari. The festival, which was first one of its kind to be held in a London Park, lasted for 7 days in July 1985. During late 1985 Moodie returned to Jamaica to spend 6 months in Jamaica. Early 1986 Moodie went to New York to spend a little while, however it turned out to be a long while because his cousin Paul was so close linked to the music industry he attended high school with most of the Famous from Staten Island.

The first retail shop for Moodie was opened in 1991 at the famous Camden Lock market.
The album Physical Attraction was recorded in 1992. 1994 saw the Moodie music retail operation relocating to Tottenham. The retail operation carried out alongside the Moodie record label. Many albums were released during that period.

Moodie released many records on his Moodie Music record label started to release singles in 1996 on 7” vinyl.

He continued to manage his record label through the nineties. Building one of the first Website for reggae music in the UK( whilst continuing to work with Mafia and Fluxy whom he has worked with from the late seventies and the eighties.
Moodie is currently working on his new album for 2001 with Mafia and Fluxy.

Moodie has also appeared on the BBC broadcast Windrush. The series traced the emergence and influence on British society of the West Indian population.

Moodie also appeared in Sinead O’Connor’s video in 2000. During 2001 Moodie pursued his acting career and appeared in numerous TV commercials and drama.

During 2002 Moodie completed his first studio album for a very long time this will be released in 2003 on the Reggae on top label. Moodie is currently working on various remix projects with numerous new producers and remix specialist.

2004 Moodie performs in Germany along with Chris Gold finger, Asher senator,

Since 2006/2007 Moodie has spent in Jamaica reenergising.

In 2008 Moodie performed in Paris alongside Barry Isaac.